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BREAKING: Christian TSA Agent Forced To Work As Stripper Thanks To Democrat Shutdown

Mary Jo Robbins is a Christian. She also works for the TSA in Telemet, Alabama, where she is not receiving her paychecks because of the Democrat shutdown. On Wednesday, Mary Jo received an eviction notice from her landlord. She also received notice that her car was about to be repossessed. In addition, she can’t apply for food stamps because the shutdown is cutting off new applications.

Desperate and worried about what to do, Mary Jo made difficult decision of finding a night job. Unfortunately, work is scarce in Telemet and she was left with one option: the local strip club. With food running out — her family had been surviving on the last of a loaf of bread and a jar of pickles for days — Mary Jo began dancing at the Flange Fluid Gentleman’s Club.

“I hope God can forgive me, but my family was starving,” says Robbins, who attends church three times a week. Previously, she was the youth group leader until her pastor found out about her moonlight job.

“I’ve lost a lot, but I’m making enough to keep my family afloat until Democrats see me as a person,” says Robbins. “They don’t care about me or my ability to feed my family if they are willing to put me through this over a wall.”

“It will all be worth it in the end,” she told local news station. “We need to keep our borders secure and if I have to suffer for that noble goal, I will.”

On Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi said that the shutdown will last “until these dense idiots get it through their thick heads that a wall will do as much to enhance border security as water for lubrication.” She later explained that she meant “in cars” after receiving backlash on Twitter.

Mary Jo Robbins is just one example of workers hurt by Democrats’ shutdown. Unfortunately, they don’t care as long as they are hurting President Trump’s agenda.

“I just hope God can forgive me for what I’ve had to do,” Mary Joe says.

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