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BREAKING: DOJ Cancels $97 Million Deal With Gillette Over ‘Hateful’ Razor Ad

If you aren’t a liberal, you’re worthless — at least, this is the message sent by Gillette’s new razor ad. President Trump called it “shocking.” Ted Nugent said it was “so offensive” he may “stop shaving altogether.” Former Senate candidate Roy Moore called it “appalling.”

The ad in question opens up saying that men should be the best they can be. This message is great, but the razor company then defines “greatness” as being part of the fake “MeToo” movement and opposing “bullying.” But what has angered people more than the claim that you have to be a liberal to be good was the four seconds of President Donald Trump as the narrator says “some men will never be the best they can be.”

“This was an uncalled-for attack on our President,” says Acting Attorney General Whitaker. “Since Gillette can’t stick to what they do best — making razors — we at the Department of Justice have no choice but to sever our contract with them, effective immediately.”

Previously, Gillette provided the entire department with razors and shaving cream — a cushy $97 million deal. This represents a massive loss for the company, which has reported “record single-day stock drops” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Let this be a lesson to companies: stick to selling your products and stay out of politics.

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