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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Admits Chelsea is a Murderer Just Like Her

Chelsea Clinton is accused of murdering her husband, Jeremy Soros McInerny after he never came home from a “vacation” from her domestic abuse and power-hungry parents. McInerny has been missing for more than 48 hours now, which has his uncle George Soros very concerned:

“The Clintons are firends. I hope they didn’t do something here they will regret. Jeremy is my nephew. He’s a good boy.”

The Clintons have categorically denied any role in his disappearance, stating clearly that Chelsea couldn’t be responsible. Family Attorney, Art Tubolls, told the story:

“This isn’t something they would have been involved in. Chelsea went to jail for slapping Mickey in public. She was charged and released, and when she got home he was gone. We’re assuming he left for Hungaria to spend some time with family.”

Hungaria is where the Soros family landed after they colluded with Nazis in 1939-1944. Little George bought and sold Jewish teeth and ran a company that cleaned their houses and marketed their art. According to lore, George Soros is personally responsible for the destruction of more than 1000 pieces of priceless art. Now his nephew is responsible for marrying a Clinton, which cost him his life.

Hillary Clinton, in an interview with the failing New York Times, told a different story”

“We’re tired of the accusations. Kenny was a little b*tch. We take care of them internally in our family. If you ever see him again it will be to beg for forgiveness and pay his child support. He’s finished as a politician or shipping magnate’s nephew, Sorry, George, but this kid breaks our code.”

The feud between the Clintons and Soros’ could mean great things for the Republicans in 2020, or it could mean that hundreds of people are about to die to re-write how our government works, just like the post-election purge of 1992. We lost nearly 60 great Republicans and moderate Democrats to “suicide” in just under a month. It looks like she’s now gotten so bold that she’s going to quarrel with the other murderous Dems in an all-out battle for supremacy. Hopefully, Trump will be able to stay out of it and cruise to yet another 5 million-vote electoral landslide in 2020.

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