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BREAKING: Maxine Waters Only Has 3 Weeks to Live

Maxine Waters, Democrat Congresswoman from California’s 238th District of South Compton, has informed new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that she’ll probably be dead shortly after being sworn in. A letter, required under the 53rd rule of the 25th Amendment, informed the public as well that she would no longer be able to perform her duties:

“Dear Madam Speaker,

I regret to inform you that my poor life choices of being a black woman in America have finally caught up with me. I’ve been told that I no longer qualify for any kind of health coverage or treatment, since the cancer I’ve been battling for 12 years hasn’t gone way yet. Without my treatments, doctors give me approximately three weeks to live. I have two options. I can leave the country and get care elsewhere, since no doctor in America will see me for some reason, or I can live out my last three weeks fighting for what I believe in. I choose option B.”

The White House confirms that one of the panels called to action by  Trump order early in his administration requires that people receiving medical care in this country actually get better or stop receiving wasteful care that could go to a veteran or to save an aborted fetus.

Waters said she will stay. Her doctors say she has to make a final decision by Thursday and leave the country if she wants to live until March. We’ll keep you updated.




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