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BREAKING: Trump Fires TSA Employees Who Refuse To Work During Shutdown

President Trump has a message for government workers who are expected to continue to do their jobs during the government shutdown: get your rear ends to work and stay there. Last week, a group of TSA agents tried to use the government shutdown to lobby for a raise by refusing to show up to work. Unfortunately for them, things didn’t go as planned.

“We ain’t getting paid right now, so why should we show up for work?” TSA checker and Democrat Clinton voter Norma McCorvey told MSNBC last week. “If they want flights to be safe, they’re gonna pay us. In fact, they’re gonna give us a raise for working without pay.”

Yolanda and twelve other employees walked off the job on Friday, vowing to stay out until their pay was restored — which would take an act of Congress and the President’s signature. They got the President’s signature, but it was on Executive Order RU486, which instead terminates the more than 1,000 TSA employees who have followed her example and walked off the job. All 1,000-plus are members of DemocraTSA, a group of leftist TSA workers.

“These workers need to learn to do their jobs,” says President Trump, who refuses to take a salary for being President. “I don’t get paid and you don’t see me complaining.”

President Trump described the TSA as “failing” and “unnecessary,” citing the fact that they miss 90 percent of guns people try to take on flights.

The workers say they intend to file a lawsuit against the federal government and against President Trump personally, arguing that they “have no jobs during the shutdown because they don’t get paid.” But this isn’t true — workers who have to work will receive double pay once the shutdown ends to compensate for the minor inconvenience in their lives. This is more than fair — but as always, Democrats want a handout.

Good move, President Trump! Maybe now the rest of the workers affected by the Democrat shutdown will fall in line.

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